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BL Partners specialized to management advisory services such as interim management, strategic business reporting, M&A transactions and related consulting services. We serve audit clients since 2004 providing assurance services. Our company has licences for auditing statutory and IFRS financial statements, investment entrepreneurs and financial institutes.

We speak English and German fluently, are Hungarian registered auditors with IFRS qualification. Worked several years for Big-4’s and have 20 years experience in field of financial reporting and corporate governance gained as CFO of international companies.


Attila originally trained with KPMG and after a half decade he changed to the client’s side. Shortly he was promoted to Head of Finance of leading companies for several years. As co-founder of BL Partners he manages audit and advisory engagements across a wide range of sectors, working with company leaders, helping them to grow and develop their businesses.  Attila’s area of expertise is his ability to combine commercially focused business advice together with his technical knowledge. Supporting clients participating in M&A transactions he has provided strategic advice, business valuations, financial due diligence and assistance with raising finance.

Attila is IFRS qualified auditor with licenses for auditing investment entrepreneurs and financial institutes as well. Implementing tools for good corporate governance is an area Attila particularly enjoys.

Fruzsina GAÁL

Fruzsina is a highly experienced Auditing and Business Advisory Expert with Hungarian and international knowledge of finance and auditing. She specialises in statutory and IFRS consolidation and accounting techniques but also has a strong corporate finance experience handling financial due diligence and valuation assignments. With her knowledge and practical experience, Fruzsina understands the interest of clients and finds solutions which create opportunities for clients. She is a licenced IFRS qualified auditor and reqistered tax expert and having an ACCA DipIFR diploma. Fruzsina is an enthusiastic environmentalist and has strong background in preparation of social responsibility reports.

Fruzsina is experienced in advising and auditing clients working across a varity of sectors, including real estate, retail, renewable energy and telecommuication.








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